Notification of the passenger


The provisions of this part apply to the air carrier, all of its sales agents and/or handling agents, which carry out the issuance of tickets for air transportation in the territory of Ukraine.


The air carrier and its sales agent must place at visible and accessible for consumer place at transportation sales office the following information:

  • its full name, location;
  • copies of the documents (licenses, certificates, attestations) concerning performance of air transportation (sale of transportation);
  • contacts of the State Air Service (telephone number, email and post address);
  • complaints and propositions book;
  • these Rules.

The air carrier, its sales agent, when issuing tickets, must notify the passengers and provide in writing the terms of the contract (of the air carrier for which the ticket was issued), the rules for applying the fare, for which the ticket was purchased, administrative formalities during traveling on a certain route, important messages relating to the transport of hazardous substances in baggage and hand baggage, other messages, that the air carrier considers it necessary to bring to the attention of the passenger.

In the case of the sale of air transportation through the website, this information is communicated to the passenger in electronic form via the website through which the air transportation is booked.

Carrying out advertising campaigns, the air carrier must provide consumers with full information on the cost of transportation, which should include the amount of the fare and all state taxes and fees, airport charges/tariffs and charges/tariffs of the air carrier.

When paying for the airline’s flight, the passenger agrees with all the terms of the air carriage agreement and the airline’s rules.

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