Checked baggage

Warning! The service "Transportation of weapons and ammunition" is not provided on ATR72 passenger aircraft due to the lack of an isolated luggage compartment.

As checked baggage in the baggage compartment of an airplane:

Type of subject Allowance/price
Paintings (frames, photo albums, books, etc.) the size (the sum of three measurements) from 115 to 140 cm and weight less than 7 kg - on all directions 10 c.u. for 1 piece (allowed only for A-321 / A-321)
Musical Instruments sizing (sum of measurements) less than 115 cm (for A-320 / A-321) and less than 105 cm (for E-145) in a case - charge free (as a cabin luggage) if total cabin luggage weight is less then 7 kg (7 kg for E-145)
in a case weighting 7-15 kg and/or sum of measurements 115-200 cm – 10 c.u. per 1 kg - only for A-320 / A-321
in a stiff carrying case weighting more then 15 kg and/or sum of measurements 115-200 cm – the cost of an additional ticket (separate seat) in the flight without payment of airport passenger taxes
Car tyres Transportation costs are not included in free baggage registered. In all flights - 10 c.u./kg
Weapons and ammunition including sporting and hunting weapons - in all flights - 50 c.u. Fair is paid for each container/piece of ammunition / weapon
Beach umbrella sizing (sum of measurements) 158-200 cm and/or weight exceeding free baggage allowance - 20 c.u. (available only on A-321 / A-320 aircraft)
Nordic walking poles free (except for children under 2 years), one set of poles for Nordic walking, up to 158 cm in bag