Rules on board

As for the crew and passengers of an airliner, there are certain rules of conduct on board. Please ensure that you comply with them throughout the flight.

  1. Passenger’s behavior on board should not endanger other Passengers, luggage, aircraft or flight crew. Passenger may not disturb the flight crew’s duty performance, and has to follow the instructions of the captain and the crew to ensure the in-flight safety of the aircraft and other Passengers. The Passenger may not behave in a way that might disturb other Passengers.
  2. To assure flight safety, the Airline may prohibit or limit the use of electronic equipment (mobile phones, laptops, portable recorders and radio receivers, CD players, transmitting devices, including radio-controlled toys, radio transmitters, etc. (except hearing devices and pacemakers).
  3. It is strictly forbidden for all Passengers to stay on board being affected by alcohol, drugs or any other substances, that can endanger or endangers other Passengers, their luggage, aircraft or the crew. Any alcoholic beverages may only be consumed on board in the amount offered by the Airline depending on the service class.
  4. Smoking is forbidden on all flights operated by the Airline.
    1. Should the Passenger fail to comply with the general rules of Passangers transportation, the captain or the Airline representative may take measures required by the situation and considered necessary to prevent improper behavior of the Passenger.

      Such measures may include:

      • Limitation of the Passenger’s movements in the aircraft cabin
      • Disembarkation of the Passenger
      • Non-acceptance of the Passenger on board at any destination en route
      • Transfer of the Passenger to the local governmental lawenforcement authorities to take relevant measures
      • Administrative and civil measures (bringing to administrative responsibility, starting a legal action to cover expenses)
      • Blacklisting the passenger whereupon this Passenger will not be accepted on any flight operated by the Airline from 1 to 10 years.

      If the Passenger’s improper behavior caused the Airline to take the relevant measures which brought additional expenses, the expenses should be reimbursed by the Passenger.