Sports equipment

As checked baggage in the baggage compartment of an airplane:

Item Allowance/price
Sports units Tennis racket in a separate case - up to 105 cm (for E-145) or 115 cm (for A-320 / A-321) with a total weight of carry-on weight of up to 7 kg - Free
Golf equipment kit (bag containing hockey sticks and golf balls, one pair of golf shoes) - 50 c.u.
Bicycle - 70 с.u.
Sport equipment kit (all kinds of boards / sport boards, windserfing equipment, hang gliders, canoe, hockey clubs, athletics, fishing gear[1], exercise boards, scuba diving equipment with oxygen cylinder[2], fins, water skiing, bowling equipment, skiing / snowboarding equipment, scooters) - 70 c.u.
One kit of skiing / snowboarding equipment less then 23 kg on all flights except Kyiv-Kittila/Rovaniemi-Kyiv only by ordering via WINDROSE Contact Center not later than 24 hours before flight - 12 c.u.
One kit of skiing / snowboarding equipment less then 23 kg on flights Kyiv-Kittila/Rovaniemi-Kyiv - charge free (except children of age 2)

Ordering in advance and payment through the Contact Center at least 24 hours before departure applies a discount of 50% from the standard fare.

One set of fishing gear must contain no more than two fishing rods, one coil, a net (1 piece), one pair of boots, one container with a fishing gear.
One set ob scuba gear must contain no more than one wetsuit, one vest, one pair of socks, one mask, one pair of shoes, one pair of flippers, one knife, one regulator, one oxygen tank with belts, one measuring device, one flashlight, one spear gun. While transported, the oxygen tank must be empty, the valve must be opened or removed. The flashlight can be transported both in luggage and in cabin luggage, with the battery is transported separately and packed in such a way that it makes it impossible to short circuit or activate the lantern.
Each set of ski equipment can include only the following items:
• one snowboard, one helmet, one pair of snowboard boots or
• one pair of downhill skis, one pair of ski poles, one helmet, one pair of ski boots.
Transportation conditions:
These items must be packed in a special case for ski equipment. Items not included in the above list should not be in the case.
The second and all subsequent ski sets in excess of the established rate of free transportation of checked baggage in the relevant class of service are subject to payment in accordance with the rules of the airline.