Business lounge

Business lounge - an exclusive opportunity for passengers to have a comfortable and pleasant stay in busines zone of the airport before starting the air trip with us.

When booking a Business lounge service passenger get the invitation to the business zone of the airport upon the check-in procedure.

Service could also be booked via tour operator/ travel company or at

Booking of Business lounge service is avaliable[1]:

From Price
Odesa airport 30 c.u. international flights, 25 c.u. domestic flights[2]
Kharkiv airport (only for international flights) 30 c.u.[2]
Boryspil, Skopje airport 35 c.u.[2]
Lviv airport 20 c.u. - domestic flightd
30 c.u. - international flights[2]
Zaporizhzhya airport (VIP-lounge) 55 c.u. international flights, 40 c.u. domestic flights[2]
Pula airport 25 c.u.[2]
Kherson airport 30 c.u. international flights, 20 c.u. domestic flights[2]
Sofia airport 15 c.u.[2]
Antalya (photo 1, photo 2) airport 55 c.u.[2]
Burgas 65 c.u.[2]

Tivat, Podgoritsa airports

75 c.u.[2]

Skopje airport

35 c.u.[2]

Heraklion airport

70 c.u.[2]

Sharm El Sheikh airport

50 c.u.[2]

Beograd airport

120 c.u.[2]
The service is booked via Additional services
While booking the price stated in c.u. (currency units) will be specified in UAH at the exchange rate on the current payment day. Price is stated per one person and includes only one-way flight service.