Additional fees when adjusting air tickets

Dear sirs and madams! Please note that additional service charge will be applied while purchasing tickets and making any changes to your booking, purchasing additional services and making any changes to them via airline's Contact Center.

    Service Price
    1 purchasing tickets or changing information in existing booking or voluntary return of tickets 12 c.u.[1]
    2 purchasing additional services and making any changes to them 6 c.u.[1]
    3 passenger surname / name correction[2] 15 c.u.[1]
    4 change of passenger's surname as a result of marriage[3] 15 c.u.[1]

    Providing a certificate

    *At the request of the passenger or a person duly authorized by him ( by virtue of the power of attorney or other documents provided by applicable law), if there is a document identifying the person, a passenger may be provided with a certificate containing information about the passenger's personal data.
    The certificate is issued for each passenger separately.
    Term of registration of the certificate - 2 working days.

    6 c.u.[1]

The above fee is not charged in the following cases:

  • provision of additional service for passengers with disabilities;
  • entering new passport data (passport series and expiry date) in case of new passport receipt;
  • designation of a place for a disabled person.


  • In case of voluntary return of the ticket purchased through the Company Contact Center, the additional fee is not refundable.
  • In case of voluntary refusal of the Additional service purchased through the Company's Contact Center, the additional fee is non-refundable.
  • In case of forced return of ticket / ancillary service, purchased through the Company Contact Center, in case of emergencies that are independent of the airline and make it impossible for the parties to fulfill their obligations (element, strike, declared / undeclared war, threat of war, terrorist attack, explosion , blockade, riots, adverse meteorological conditions - storm, flood, earthquake, snow accumulation or icing, technical difficulties, etc.), the additional fee is non-refundable.
Calculating for each passenger.
The ticket may be reissued due to a misspelled name or surname. Corrections are substitutions of up to 3 letters (misspelling), not surnames and names in general. Adjustments are also considered to change the first and last names, abbreviated name to full.
Change of name due to marriage or divorce, based on the marriage / divorce certificate. The difference between the tariff paid and the actual date tariff is additionally paid.