Seat reservation

«Seat reservation» service includes the advance booking of most favorable and comfortable passenger’s seats onboard for extra cost.

From now on passengers have the unique opportunity to book the seats on-board (including emergency rows) via tour operator/ travel company or on via Additional service.

Booking of «Seat reservation» service:

Seats Routes Price
enhanced comfort 1-4 rows seats on Airbus A-320, A-321 aircrafts International / Domestic 30 c.u.[1]
enhanced comfort seats located near the emergency exits on aircraft A-320, A-321, ERJ-145 30 c.u.[1]
1-st row seats on Economy class ATR-72 and Embraer ERJ-145 aitcrafts

"Premium-economy" class seats on Embraer ERJ-145 aitcrafts (only for passengers who purchased tickets in the premium economic class)
30 c.u.[1]
All "A"-seats on Economy class Embraer ERJ-145 aitcrafts 12 c.u.[1]
Enhanced comfort "AB" seats in 16-18 rows on ATR-72 aitcrafts 30 c.u.[1]
Seats in 16-18 rows on ATR-72 aitcrafts except enhanced comfort seats 12 c.u.[1]
other seats on-board on aircraft A-320, A-321, ERJ-145, ATR-72 International 7 c.u.[1]
Domestic 6 c.u.[1]

For the means of safety, seating in emergency rows (marked with pink indicator) of the aircraft is prohibited for:

  • Persons whose ability to travel using a transport is reduced due to any physical disability (sensory or locomotory, permanent or temporary), intellectual deficiency or violation, or any other reason for limiting physical abilities, the age and position of which requires due attention and adaptation to its special needs;
  • Persons in the state of alcohol or narcotic intoxication;
  • Persons whose eyesight or hearing is so violated that they will not be able to understand the instructions about the need to start an evacuation from the airplane;
  • Children (including infants (INFANT), accompanied children and unaccompanied children (UM) under the age of 16);
  • Passengers who are denied entry (INAD), persons who are detained and deported from the country (unaccompanied (DEPU) and accompanied (DEPA));
  • Persons who can not move quickly because of their physical size;
  • Persons who can not move quickly because of their age;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Passengers who are traveling with pets in the cabin;
  • Passengers unable to understand instructions in the languages used for emergency alert (Ukrainian / Russian / English);
  • Passengers who do not wish to provide assistance to the crew in case of need.

In case of violation of the aforementioned conditions on the choice of a place by the passenger, the carrier has the right to change the passenger space provided to the passenger for another without further compensation.

Infants should be placed in rows, where there are places that accept passengers with babies and children up to 2 years (marked with blue).

In order to ensure the safety of the flight or in case of a change in the type of aircraft, the carrier has the right to provide similar space comfort, or to change the space provided to the passenger in the cabin of the aircraft to another. In case of unequal replacement, you need to apply for further compensation at the place of purchase of the «Seat reservation» service.

While booking Additional services the price shown in c.u. (currency units) will be specified in UAH at the exchange rate on the current payment day. Price is stated per one person and includes only one-way flight service.