SKY Party

WINDROSE invites you to use a unique service - celebration on-board – SKY PARTY!

With this service WINDROSE passengers have an excellent opportunity to congratulate friends, family and beloved ones on any festive occasion: birthday, engagements, weddings and other anniversaries.

Service could be booked via tour operator/ travel company or at via Additional services[1].

Classes Destnations Price
includes a CEREMONIAL CAKE takeout, champagne, greetings from the cabin crew and the captain[3]
All 40 c.u.[2]

includes greetings from the cabin crew and the captain[3]

20 c.u.[2]
Is available for booking not later than 48 hours before flight departure (choosing Premium SKY PARTY) and not later than to 24 hours before flight departure (choosing Economy SKY PARTY).
While booking the price stated in c.u. (currency units) will be specified in UAH at the exchange rate on the current payment day. Price is stated per one person and includes only one-way flight service.
The approved congratulations text is provided by the airline.