Quarantine has been extended to april 24.

Nationwide quarantine,  which was supposed to last until April 3, has been extended for 21 days - until April 24. The Government made the corresponding decision today, March 25, 2020.

An additional flight from Sofia to Kyiv

To provide the Ukrainian citizens a return flight from abroad, WINDROSE introduces an additional flight on March 22nd, 7W 7056 from Sofia to Kyiv (Sofia 18:00 - Kyiv 19:55 local time).

Temporary cancellation of domestic flights

WINDROSE airlines will suspend domestic flights , following the official quarantine recommendations, from 12:00 _ March 18 to April 3.

For passengers traveling to Turkey

England, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ireland and United Arab Emirates added to restricted countries list by Turkish DCGA.

Attention! For passengers Kyiv-Sofia-Kyiv direction.

According to recent official statement of the President of Ukraine and the Decree № 287-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 14, 2020, to counteract the coronavirus spread, a number of measures have been taken in aid of citizens safety and wellbeing.

Attention to passengers

In relation to this, starting from 00.00 hours on March 16, 2020 foreign citizens will not be able to enter the territory of Ukraine.

The new flexible ticket reissue and refund policy

This procedure is valid only for WINDROSE ticket stock for individual reservations and cannot be applied to group reservations.

Public health card for arriving passenges.

Attention. For passengers traveling to Egypt.

For the attention of passengers traveling to Romania.

Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority  recently published additional measures regarding COVID-19.

For the attention of passengers traveling to Turkey.

Please pay attention that Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health recently published additional measures regarding COVID-19.