Attention! For passengers Kyiv-Sofia-Kyiv direction.

According to recent official statement of the President of Ukraine and the Decree № 287-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 14, 2020, to counteract the coronavirus spread, a number of measures have been taken in aid of citizens safety and wellbeing.

Windrose informs of scheduled flights cancellation:7W 755/756 KBP-SOF-KBP for the period of 17.03.2020 till 03.04.2020.

But in order to ensure the return of Ukrainian citizens back from abroad, as well as providing foreign citizens the possibility of leaving Ukraine as soon as possible, the Airline launches one-time additional scheduled flights on 16.03.2020 only:7W 757 KBP 04:30 - SOF 06:45 (local time)7W 758 SOF 07:25 - KBP 09:25 (local time)

We would like to emphasize on the Ukrainian citizens to be majorly excepted for flight 7W 758 SOF-KBP.

The foreign citizens arrival will be restricted in accordance with the official regulation mentioned above. In case if the launched flights suits your needs and you are having confirmed 7W tickets for the mentioned canceled flights, we are offering you a free date change for the above-mentioned flights on 16.03.2020.

We are looking forward to your decision and thank you for your prompt response.