Passenger registration and baggage clearance

Passengers with passports in the "Diia" application are allowed to check in in test mode if original passport is provided.

9.1 For transportation of passengers and baggage the air carrier or handling agent shall, under the terms of the carriage agreement, check-in passengers and baggage using the automated departure control system (DCS).

The passenger has the right to check-in online on their own via the official airline’s website or using the CUSS Kiosks in the airport.
The airport check-in is carried free of charge if:

  • it is foreseen by the fare rules by which the ticket was bought;
  • it is not possible to conduct registration using web-site of the air carrier or using the CUSS kiosks.

In the other case the air carrier can charge additional pay for the airport check-in.

9.2 The passengers shall be accepted for carriage if:

  • they have the ticket issued in a proper way;
  • they show one of the documents established in the item 5 of this part;
  • they meet the requirements of immigration and customs control;
  • they go through air security point;
  • they comply with the rules of the air carrier.

9.3 The check-in of the passengers shall start 120 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.  The check-in can start earlier depending on the local conditions. The passengers and baggage check-in in the airports of Ukraine and in the airports outside Ukraine shall finish 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.  

The close-out time using the web-site of the air carrier is established taking to consideration the time necessary for arrival of the passengers and baggage to the airport of embarkation and also for boarding (loading) the aircraft and going through necessary before departure administrative formalities and requirements, connected with border, customs, epidemiological, veterinary-sanitary, phytosanitary and other types of control according to the legislation of Ukraine.

9.4 The arrival time of the passenger to the airport of embarkation shall be determined by the air carrier taking to account airport requirements.

If the passenger arrives to the check-in point and security check point after the check-in time ends and/or without the documents necessary for the conduct of air carriage the airline shall be entitled to cancel the reservation and not to delay the flight.

9.5 The passengers and baggage check-in is carried on the basis of the ticket and one of the stated documents:

  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad (foreign passport);
  • child passport;
  • diplomatic passport;
  • official passport;
  • seafarer's identity card;
  • crew member identity document;
  • identity certificate for return to Ukraine;
  • passport document of the foreigner issued by the authorized body of the foreign country or charter organization of the UN that certifies the citizenship of the foreigner, proves the identity of the foreigner or the person without the citizenship, grants the right to entrance and exit from the country and is determined by Ukraine;
  • in cases foreseen by the international treaties of Ukraine,
  • other documents that can be used for going abroad. 

9.6 The air carrier shall verify the documents stated in the clause 5 of this part, in case of international carriage the air carrier shall verify duly executed visa according to the requirements of the destination country or transit and other documents necessary for travel. In case of absence of any document necessary for travel the air carrier is obliged not to allow the passenger to the air carriage. In this case the refusal to air transportation will be deemed voluntary.

9.7 During check-in a passenger will be provided with a boarding pass for the flight where the following information will be indicated: a passenger's name and last name, IATA code or ICAO code of the airline, flight number, date and time of departure, latest boarding time, number of boarding gate and number of a seat on board (if present), the other information according to the rules of the air carrier.

9.8 Boarding an aircraft in the airports of Ukraine and in the airports outside Ukraine shall be finished 15 minutes prior to the flight departure.

The passengers receive the information about the completion time of the boarding an aircraft directly in the airport of embarkation.
In case of passenger’s delay or no-show for boarding an aircraft, the air carrier is entitled not to accept such a passenger for air transportation with the aim of avoidance of the flight delay. In case of the passenger’s delay or no-show for boarding an aircraft it shall be deemed that the passenger voluntarily refused from the flight

9.9 During passenger and baggage check-in all the baggage of the passenger foreseen for air transportation except the things stated in the clause 1 paragraph 2 part 11 of these Rules is subject to weighing.

The tag “In the cabin”, “Cabin baggage” (Approved Cabin Baggage) is attached to the cabin baggage that according to the rules of the air carrier can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft.

9.10 The air carrier or the handling agent is obliged to indicate in the baggage check the amount and weight of the accepted for air carriage baggage and issue for the passenger baggage identification tag for the checked baggage.

If the passenger has the ticket in the electronic form information on the number and weight of the baggage shall be specified in the electronic registration system DCS.

9.11 To indicate special conditions of the checked baggage transportation in addition to the baggage identification tag there shall be attached a special warning label without a number (Fragile, Priority, Live Animals, Transfer, Wheelchair, UM, Delivery at Aircraft etc). The form of the baggage tags has to correspond to the Resolutions of IATA.

9.12 After baggage registration and check-in the air carrier is responsible for the integrity and safekeeping of the checked baggage. The passenger shall ensure the integrity and safekeeping of the cabin baggage.

The safekeeping of the baggage with the affixed tag «Delivery at Aircraft” ensures the passenger till the moment of its transfer for loading in the baggage compartment near the air craft.

9.13 The payment for the air carriage of the baggage, the weight of which exceeds the established by the air carrier baggage allowance, should be charged according to the rate established by the air carrier rules. The payment for the transportation of such baggage shall be confirmed by the confirmation payment of the excess baggage or miscellaneous charges order.

9.14 The conditions of online check-in are determined by the air carrier rules.

9.15 In case of usage by the air carrier of online check-in, it should ensure the passengers with the possibility to register baggage in the airport free of charge, if the transportation of the checked baggage is foreseen by the fare rules according to which the ticket was bought.