Tariffs and fees

5.1 Applicable fares - (approved or published by the air carrier or on behalf of air carrier, or if not published, calculated according to the tariff regulations of the air carrier) fare for the corresponding flight or flights from the point of departure and to the point of destination, indicated in the ticket, which are valid as of the day of payment for the ticket for the respective class of service.

Each fare provides the rules of its application, which establish the validity term of the ticket, conditions of application of the fare and refund of unused part of ticket or its part, other conditions and can include surcharge that is its constituent part.

Fare rules shall be approved by the airline and placed on its official website www.windrose.aero. and available for the passengers to get familiar with them.

5.2 The fares shall not include the transport services between the airport terminals and between the airports and city terminals.

5.3 Airport charges (taxes) for the provision of services to passengers during their handling in the airport shall be established and approved in accordance with legislation and published in the form accessible for familiarization.

5.4 Airport charges (taxes), fees and levies established by the state of the airport of departure (destination), charges (taxes) of the air carrier shall not be included in the fare, and together with the tariff may comprise the full cost of air transportation.

Airline and sales agent can collect payment for issuance of air carriage and conduct of transaction of payment refund. The rate for the transaction of carriage issuance is not included in the cost of ticket and is paid separately.

5.5 Airport charges (taxes), fees and levies established by the state of the airport of departure (destination), charges (taxes) of the air carrier for any services or equipment may be included in the cost of transportation or paid separately with presentation of the documents confirming their payment.  

5.6 The fares, charges (taxes) for transportation to/from and within Ukraine shall be published by the airline and airport in the automated reservation system/GDS in the currency, which was approved by the State Aviation Authority and agreed with the IATA Conference of tariff policy coordination.

5.7 Payments on the territory of Ukraine for the services of air transportation and the exchange rate are made according to the legislation of Ukraine.