18.1 General procedures for refund
  18.1.1 Refunds for unused tickets (or part of) is made at the place of ticket purchase or at the central office of air carrier (ticket office of sales transportation agency) at ticket office of the airline or at ticket office of the airline’s representative and in the currency in which the ticket was paid.
Refunds by the airline in Ukraine are paid in the national currency of Ukraine. In cases where the payment for a ticket was made by electronic means of money transfer (bank card); the cost is returned to the bankcard on which the initial purchase was made.

18.1.2 Amount refunded for unused ticket (its part) depends on the applied fare and tariff standards of the air carrier and reason for denial of transportation (voluntary or involuntary).

18.1.3 Refunds are made on the basis of unused or partly unused traffic documents, MCO, receipt of payment for excess baggage.

18.1.4 Refunds are made to:
  • the person indicated on the ticket – in case of payment for carriage by cash or bank transfer;
  • the account of the enterprise, organization, etc. – in case of payment by clearing operations;
  • the account owner of the credit card, by which transportation was paid (in case of termination of the bank’s activity, the transfer of funds can be made to an account in another bank); 
  • the sponsor, who paid for transportation – in case of ticket issuance by telegram-notification about advance payment (Prepaid Ticket Advice - PTA).
Refunds are made upon presentation of identity documents and documents confirming the right to receive monetary amounts defined in point 3 of this section.

18.1.5 The air carrier returns the funds on the day of termination of the air carriage contract (presenting tickets to the cash desk at the place of registration, receiving information from the passenger about the desire to return money for unused air carriage issued by electronic ticket), and if it is impossible to return the money on the day of termination of the air contract carriage - in another period by agreement of the parties, but not later than within seven days.
The repayment period is calculated from the day following the day of receipt by the air carrier or the agent for the sale of documents necessary for the refund operation.

18.1.6 The air carrier’s carriage regulations provide for a mandatory written request for a refund.
18.2 Refund
  18.2.1 Involuntary refunds or re-reservation without application of penal sanctions is made in following cases:
  • cancellation, postponement, delay of the flight (the air carrier may reduce the delay time specified in point 3 of section 4 of part 15 of the Rules), for which passenger had seat reservations and an issued ticket;
  • improper issuance of traffic documents through the fault of the air carrier or its sales agent;
  • change of class of service or aircraft’s type;
  • impossibility to provide a seat to the passenger according to reservation;
  • non-provision by the carrier connection to flight, for which passenger has confirmed reservation and indicated in the same ticket, as the previous;
  • denial of transportation due to non-payment by a passenger of fare, state fees, taxes or charges (tariffs), in the case of change of fares or rules of their application comparing to that were applicable on the day of passenger’s departure from the airport of origin indicated in ticket;
  • application by the carrier of the right for denied transportation for reasons laid down in points 1,7 of the part 10 of these rules;
  • passenger’s death or illness or death or illness of his/her family members travelling with him/her, when there is a genuine issued documents;
  • in other cases of passenger’s denial for transportation or denial of the air carrier in transportation of the passenger, which occurred because of a fault by the air carrier.
Re-reservation of tickets for another flight in the case of passenger’s delay arriving for the flight, for which he/she has a confirmed reservation and because of delay of a previous flight (in case of issuance of carriage by separate traffic documents) is made without penal sanctions.

18.2.2 In the case of involuntary refund of ticket cost, an amount that is refunded to the passenger shall be equal to:
  • if either part of the ticket was unused, to the amount that is equal to the full cost of the ticket at the price it was purchased;
  • if any part of the ticket was used, to the amount which is equal to the fare of the unused part of one way transportation with state fees, taxes, airport charges (tariffs) and unused air carrier charges (tariffs) from the place where denial in transportation to destination point happened.
The amounts provided for in this point do not include the amounts of compensation provided for in part 15 of the Rules.

18.2.3 In the case of voluntary refunds, when a passenger wants a refund of the amount paid for the ticket and such refund is allowed by the rules of fare application of the airline, then the amount is calculated according to the tariff standards of the air carrier. The passenger is also refunded the sum of all unused state fees, taxes, airport charges (tariffs) and charges (tariffs) of the air carrier.

18.2.4 In the event of a refund for an unused ticket or a part of it, including a compulsory one, the charge for issuing air transportation is not reversed, except in the case of a refund due to the carrier’s fault. The fee for the operation of the refund in case of the forced refund is not charged.
18.3 Right on refund refusal
  18.3.1 The airline has a right to refuse the refund (with the exception of all unused state fees, taxes, airport charges (taxes) and charges (taxes) of the air carrier) if:
  • the application on refund is after expiry of the ticket validity determined in points 4 of section 4 of part 3 of these rules, and also in other cases, provided for by these rules;
  • the ticket was purchased at a special fare rate and rules of its application do not provide refund of its cost (in case of purchase of the ticket at such special fare, the passenger must be notified about this by the airline or its sales agent at the time of reservation), and the ticket must be marked with a respective mark).
18.3.2 In the case of a lost ticket a refund is made by:
  • the airline, owner of ticket stock (contracting carrier), if the ticket was issued under interline agreement on ticket stock of the airline who issued transportation;
  • the airline (actual carrier), if the ticket was issued on stock of the airline that operates the flight.
Refund of the ticket’s cost can be done if the lost ticket (or its part) was not used or changed to another ticket and refund was not completed for this ticket.
The air carrier has a right to take a penalty (fee) from the refunded amount and such penalty is established by the air carrier in these cases.

18.3.3 Means by duplicate ticket, by lost ticket, order of miscellaneous fees, overtime baggage receipts are refunded in claim and/or legal form.

18.3.4 Refusal to the passenger to return the funds may be appealed by the passenger by filing a claim to the air carrier or in court.