Obligations of the air carrier regarding notification of passengers’ rights

17.1 The air carrier during check-in provides passengers with legible and clearly visible information of the following content: “If you are denied boarding or your flight is cancelled or delayed for no less than two hours, please ask on check-in or exit point to boarding written notification in which your rights are mentioned, in particular, relating to receiving reimbursement or assistance”.
17.2 If the air carrier denies carriage or cancels the flight, then each passenger, whom it may concern, is provided with a written notice that will include the rules for providing compensation and assistance to passengers. The air carrier also provides such notice to the passenger, whose flight is delayed by more than two hours. Contact information for sending inquiries concerning breach of passenger’s rights for reimbursement or assistance shall be given in writing.
17.3 To inform the deaf and those with impaired vision and other significant deficiencies that hinder or prevent them from independent familiarization with visual or audio information, alternative means of information and appropriate assistance will be provided at the airport of departure or arrival.