Flight schedule

13.1 Scheduled flights are operated according to the aircrafts’ schedule which is established by the air carrier, published in the automated reservation systems/global distribution systems and is open to public for viewing on the air carrier’s website. The air carrier can publish advertising flight timetables. The air carrier guaranties that data placed in the automated reservation system/global distribution system and the information placed or given for placement in other reservation systems by the air carrier is accurate, faithful and exhaustive.

13.2 The air carrier shall not bear the responsibility for errors in schedules or other published flight timetables of other air carriers.

13.3 The handling agent and/or airport operators have the right to issue joint timetables of flight operations of all airlines, which operate flights from/to, this airport.

13.4 Flight departure times and the types of aircraft indicated in the schedule or in other flight timetables of the air carrier, with the exception of the departure time indicated in the ticket, is not an obligatory condition of the air transportation agreement.

The air carrier has a right to change flight departure times with the understanding that it shall inform passengers in good time.

13.5 The air carrier has a right to change the type of aircraft without notification to the passenger.

13.6 The air carrier or handling agent (airport operation), shall provide passengers in the airport with visual and/or acoustic information related to:

  • departure time and landing time of aircraft;
  • place, opening and closing time of check-in;
  • place, start and finish time for boarding the aircraft;
  • flight delay, cancellation or reason for flight delay or cancellation.