Transportation of some categories of baggage

12.1 Baggage transportation in the cabin

12.1.1 The air carrier has the right to accept the things specified in point 2 of Section 6 of part 11 of these Rules for air transportation in the cabin of the aircraft and require special measures during air transportation or special handling conditions.

12.1.2 Things that a passenger considers unsuitable for transportation in the cargo compartment of an aircraft shall be accepted for air transportation in the passenger cabin only upon prior agreement with the air carrier and taking into account the requirements of these Rules. Transportation of such things is paid by the passenger in accordance with the rules of the air carrier and taking into account the number of passenger seats required for its transportation.

12.1.3 The weight of one non-standard piece of baggage carried in the cabin of the aircraft should not exceed 75 kg, and its dimensions should make it possible to place the baggage on a separate passenger seat.

Packing of baggage transported in the cabin of the aircraft must ensure proper fastening on the passenger seat and meet sanitary standards.

12.1.4 Transportation of the baggage, carried in the cabin of the aircraft, to the aircraft, its loading, arrangement in the cabin of the aircraft, unloading and transportation within the airport terminals is carried out by the passenger or handling agent, upon reservation and with payment for these services.

12.2 Transportation of Animals

12.2.1 The air carrier accepts only cats and dogs for shipment.
Air transportation of animals shall be fulfilled on condition the passenger receives permission from the airline while making his/her reservation before transportation.

Animals are obliged to be properly placed in containers/cages and shall have certificates pertaining to vaccination and health status, permissions for import to country of destination or transit. Animals must be clean, neat and without unpleasant smell.

The air carrier independently determines the method of transportation and limits the number of animals, which are allowed for transport on one flight.

12.2.2 Transportation of animals accepted by the air carrier as checked baggage together with container and food, must be paid as additional service by the passenger according to relevant fares established by the air carrier.

12.2.3 Service animals that help government employees, rescue teams, and also their containers and products for their nutrition are transported free of charge. Such transportation should be preliminarily agreed with the air carrier.

12.2.4 The air carrier shall transport only the following animals in the passenger cabin of the aircraft:

  • service dogs accompanied by a handler
  • service animals, including seeing-eye dogs, which accompany a blind or deaf passenger, provided that the animals have a collar and muzzle
  • small cats and dogs, the mass of which together with the means of transportation does not exceed 8 kg, and the size of the container does not exceed 45x36x26 cm;

The service dog or seeing-eye dog must be near the feet of handler/passenger.

The passenger takes full responsibility for the animal that is transported in the passenger cabin.

12.2.5 Animals, the mass of which with a means of transportation exceeds 8 kg, are transported in the cargo compartments of the aircraft (except seeing-eye dogs and service dogs).

12.2.6 The passenger is responsible for presentation of necessary documents as provided for by applicable laws and rules of the country of departure, destination or transit.

The air carrier shall not bear responsibility for any injury, loss, illness or death of such animals during transportation or due to denial of competent authorities of entrance to country of destination or transit, unless such damage was caused as a result of the air carrier negligence.

12.2.7 If the passenger fails to meet conditions of  points 1-6 of this section, the air carrier has a right during check-in of the passenger, at its own discretion, to make the final decision regarding transportation or refusal of the transportation of animals.