Passenger with medical certificate

Certain categories of passengers have to get a preliminary medical check-up by a doctor and obtain a medical assessment report (transportation authorization on health grounds).

The medical assessment report is provided by a medical provider (doctor) and contains :

  • medical assessment at the time of air transportation
  • transportation authorization of a passenger by air
  • special requirements for terms of transportation


Medical assessment report / transportation authorization is required from passengers:

  • who are plagued by disease , capable to pass on the virus to the other passengers, crew or personnel
  • such behavior or physical state which may adversely affect the comfort of the other passengers
  • taking for transportation of such passengers whose behavior creates a potential risk for flight security or flight regularity (including the possibility of changing the flight route and unscheduled landing)
  • passengers who require the medical support / escort or special equipment to maintain the health during the flight
  • passengers who due to the transportation possible aggravation of medical parameter

Validity of medical assessment report / transportation authorization

  • the medical clearance is only valid for the flight and the date indicated in it (there is no minimum or maximum validity period)
  • given medical clearance is valid only for a passenger in normal condition
  • if a serious deterioration in medical state occurs between the time the medical clearance is issued and the time of the flight, a new medical assessment must be required
  • the availability on the form of the medical clearance the title of the medical company, surname, signature and personal seal of the doctor who issued the passenger the permission for transportation is mandatory
  • medical clearance given by phone will not be considered