Children's world or traveling with a child

You are going to travel with a child, but do not know what to take with you? We have prepared useful tips for you to make it easier to get ready.

First of all let's define who's who:

  1. Infant (baby) - from 0 to 2 years. Children travel without a separate seat, on the lap of an adult, for only 10% of the full fare. 📌 A baby carriage is always transported free of charge. It can be checked in at the check-in desk or handed over to flight attendants during boarding.
  2. Child - from 2 to 11 years. As soon as kids turn 2 years old, they start traveling at the Child fare, which is 67-75% of the cost of the adult fare. It provides a separate seat for a young passenger, as well as baggage check-in according to adult regulations.
  3. Children from 12 years old fly at full cost.

What is needed to go abroad with a child under 16:

  1. Child’s birth certificate.
  2. Permission for departure of one of the parents, notarized - if the child travels unaccompanied by parents or one of them.
  3. Child’s travel document (passport).
  4. Visa - if necessary.

Children from 16 years old only need a travel document (passport) and a visa.


If you are traveling with a baby, take an empty bottle with you. This will be handy if you need to feed your baby formula. You will be able to fill the bottle on board with the assistance of the cabin crew. We also recommend you to take fruit, hard candies and cookies.


Take toys, an audiobook or a tablet with you on the plane. It is difficult for children to remain seated for a long time, so take care of what to do during the flight.

First aid kit:

It’s a good idea to take with you medications: antipyretics and antihistamines, wet wipes and antiseptics.