Check-in at the airport

Passengers with passports in Diya application are allowed to check in on domestic flights.

The rules of check-in at the airport for international and domestic flights (within Ukraine) can be found by following the link:

If you arrive at the check-in desk after check-in, or will be found without the necessary travel documents, the airline has the right to deny you travel and cancel your booking.

For travelling a passenger must have a ticket (including electronic format) and an ID card.

For citizens of Ukraine:

For citizens of other countries:

  • • passport of a foreigner issued by an authorized authority of a foreign state or a statutory organization of the United Nations, which confirms the citizenship of a foreigner, certifies the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person, gives the right to enter or leave the state and recognized by Ukraine (regardless of the type of transportation, domestic or international).

Making a trip abroad, we recommend you first to consult in advance what documents you need to cross the border of Ukraine, the country of destination and the country of transfer / transit, if applicable.

To board the flight, the passenger presents the boarding pass received during check-in at the airport of departure or online check-in and the passport in expanded form.

You can carry out on the website of the airline if electronic ticket available and access to the specified service. Online check-in opens 24 hours before and ends 2 hours before the flight departure time. You can check in your baggage at the DROP OFF desk or at the check-in desks. If there is no baggage, you can go through security check bypassing check-in.

Taking into account the possibility of queues at the Aviation Safety and passport control points, we ask you to estimate your time and arrive at the boarding area on time. The average time for completing the required formalities is 30 minutes.
If a child travels with one of the parents, the child must have a warrant from the other parent or a document certifying that the child is being only brought up by only one parent (a single parent, a certificate of death of one of the parents, a court judgment, a birth certificate of civil registration authority indicating the reasons of making an entry about a father in accordance with Article 135, Paragraph 1 of the Domestic Relations Law of Ukraine, documents from the State Enforcement Service and etc.). In the case when the parents have the different surnames - the child's certificate of birth.