Additional oportunities during COVID-19 spreading period

Passengers’ trust to our company is very important for us, and we understand your concern about travel planning during COVID-19 spreading period, so we provide you with additional opportunities.
If you receive a notification that your international flight has been cancelled, at any time before or after the date of the cancelled flight you can:

  • change your departure date until March 27, 2021 FREE of charge;
  • change your flight to any of Windrose airlines’ own international flights (rebooking is possible until March 27, 2021)  FREE of charge;
  • change your flight to any three of Windrose airlines’ own flights in Ukraine (rebooking is possible until March 27, 2021) FREE of charge;
  • refund your costs in full.

All tickets data are stored in the system, you have time to decide when it is convenient for you to use your ticket.

Remember: we are always on the side of the passengers!

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