Skopje - northern Macedonia - be the first

The enthusiastic feedback from our friends made us look at this country. The tidy, newly built center of Skopje in contrast with the Old Town in the form of an entire market where there are even caravanserais from the Ottoman Empire.

The majestic Instagram Aqueduct is outside the city, on the way to Pristina and certainly very popular in winter ski and balneological resorts are Popova-Sapka, Mavrovo, Debarski-Banji and others.

A mixture of Balkan, Turkish and European is the national cuisine of Macedonia. First of all, meat, fish, vegetables. The Pljeskavica and Kebabs here are different than in Montenegro and Turkey, but no less delicious. You should definitely try the Mavrovska or the river pastrimka (trout). Gastronomic finds include milk jelly (something like kefir or yogurt with plain medium), aivar (a thick paste of Bulgarian pepper with eggplants, something like lecho) and burek (puff pastry with cheese or meat).

  • The period of performance of flights is from 06.12.20 to 25.03.2021
  • Flights 7W791 / 792 are operated on: Thursdays and Sundays
  • Departure is from Boryspil airport at 10:50. Arrival is in Skopje at 12:00
  • Departure is from Skopje at 12:50. Arrival is at Boryspil airport at 16:10
  • By airplanes: Embraer E-145 and ATR 72-600

Convenient transit flights with short connections from the regions: Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Odessa. Tickets are on the WINDROSE.AERO site