15th anniversary of foundation

Today our airline is celebrating the anniversary date - 15 years from the moment of its formation!

Currently, WINDROSE airlines is the dynamic company. Not airplanes, not air miles, and not even international certificates, but above all, people, with their aspirations, professionalism, responsibility and love to their business, open the sky for thousands of our passengers, giving them the opportunity to travel safely, with a sense of reliability, comfort and genuine family care.

The company’s history began in the distant 2003 year. Just imagine: at the very beginning, the WINDROSE team consisted of only seven people! You should agree – not that many. But these were people who sincerely believed in the success of what they were doing and made every effort to implement their ideas. It really was 7 “I” - seven individuals, united by the common cause, with many years of experience in aviation, inexhaustible inspiration and literally fanatic love to the sky. So number 7 became our lucky talisman. And the first seven “addicted to aviation” founders formed the characteristic features of the company for the coming years: immaculate perfectionism and unconditional desire for excellence in details. Since then, the number of talented, worthy, devoted people at WINDROSE has grown more than a hundred times! Currently, the airline team consists of 741 people, but we, as before, remain one strong family with a common goal, values and dreams. And even, it seems, we share one big heart. The heart, which is full of love to aviation and ready to give this love to our passengers.

Birthday is an opportunity to summarize and evaluate the results. For us the 15th anniversary is a real family holiday, because when we say that WINDROSE is a big family, we do not exaggerate. Friendly, full of inspiration and enthusiasm, our airline, like a good family, grows and is fully committed to a common goal. And besides that -  always aspires to achieving more.

We congratulate all employees of our company on our birthday! We wish you smiles on your faces, and the pride in your soul for your work, for your daily efforts and the high results that the company has achieved thanks to its solid, highly professional team.

15 years -  it is a meaningful date for us that symbolizes stability.

We sincerely thank our partners and clients for their trust in us!

Our story is us!