ADM policy

For all Agent accredited in BSP system

Airline:                 «WIND ROSE» AVIATION COMPANY (hereafter Carrier)
Airline code:         7W
Effective date:     01.10.2017

Carrier confirms updated policy regarding Agency debit memo (hereafter ADM) which replaces the previously stated.

1. Terms and definitions

The terms and definitions used in this document are approved by IATA Manual for Agents and the Resolution IATA 866.

2.   Main concepts

2.1. This document is developed according to:

  • Rules, manuals and instructions of Carrier;
  • Applied IATA Resolutions;
  • IATA Manual for Agents including Section 14 "Local Procedures" applicable in the specific country;
  • ISS Service Provisions Manual;

2.2. In a case when booking and ticketing are carried out by the Carrier code, agents must follow to the Rules of application established fares and other Carrier’s Instructions. Otherwise the Carrier has the right to issue ADM to the Agent.

2.3. The carrier has the right to issue ADM for receiving surcharges or entering amendments into any transactions of the Agent concerning booking and/or an extract and use of standard transportation documents irrespective of the fact which airline is included in a route according to transportation documents.

2.4. If the mistake of the Agent is caused by failure in Global Distribution System (further GDS), the Agent is obliged to pay ADM issued him in the order specified in this document, and also directly to contact GDS for compensation of damage without involving in this process of the Carrier except for the cases demanding providing additional information.

2.5. ADM is formed in BSPLink system within nine (9) months after final date of the air transportation specified in the issued ticket or in booking.

2.6. For correction of incorrectly made refunds, ADM is formed in BSPLink system within nine (9) months after date of operation of return.

2.7. The carrier has the right to issue ADM for the violations committed during the booking and/or ticketing on the Carrier stock for flights of other airlines after obtaining the invoice from the relevant airline.

2.8. All ADM are formed in BSPLink system.

2.9. All discussions, and also any other actions, regarding issued ADM, are made only through BSPLink system.

2.10. The agent has the right to disagree with ADM using the ADM/ASM Dispute function in BSPLink system.

2.11. The agent has the right to challenge ADM only once during the fifteen-day (15) periods from the ADM registration date.

2.12. In order to avoid doubts, ADM registration date is considered to be a date of its issue and loading in BSPLink system.

2.13. Time for consideration by the Carrier of all claims on the issued ADM is sixty (60) days since that moment as the Agent challenged ADM in BSPLink system.

2.14. ADM challenged by the Agent will be accepted for the Carrier consideration provided that all accompanying documentation is provided through BSPLink system at the time of ADM disputing. Otherwise debate will be rejected, and the agent will be obliged to pay ADM in accordance with the established procedure.

2.15. For debate consideration the Carrier has the right to request additional information from the Agent.

2.16. In case the Agent did not challenge ADM during the period specified in Clause 2.11, ADM will be automatically included in the report of the Carrier, and the sum exposed on ADM shall be due to the Carrier during the determined settlement period.

2.17. If it is proved that ADM is issued mistakenly, the Carrier shall agree with debate of the Agent, and cancel ADM or shall issue the Credit Notice (hereafter ACM) for the sum which was paid for ADM. This ACM shall be paid during the determined settlement period.

2.18. ADM shall be issued on each specific transaction. However, if the reason of penalties is identical and ADM is made out to the same Agent, several transactions in ADM are allowed. If penalties are claimed for various reasons, the Carrier has the right to claim some ADM according to the same transportation document.

2.19. If IATA cancels accreditation of one or several offices of the Agent, the Carrier shall issue ADM addressed to the main agency office, or addressed to other additional office approved by IATA.

2.20. The Carrier charges an administrative fee of 15 USD for BSP Ukraine/15 EUR for BSP of other countries per ADM (or local currency equivalent), defined as the MF in the ADM.

If the ADM is canceled for commercial reasons by the Carrier’s decision, an administrative fee will be paid.

If the ADM is canceled after the Agent proves his rightness (via the Dispute procedure), an administrative fee will be canceled.


The carrier forbids registration of ADM Request/ACM Request in BSPLink.

3.   Accompanying documents

3.1. If the Agent considers that ADM issued by the Carrier is unreasonable, it has to ground its denial on the necessary and additional documentation including but limited to:

3.1.1. In case ADM is issued because of incorrect calculation of ticket cost in GDS:

Booking information, air transportation cost with the indication of the applied fare for issue date.

3.1.2. In case ADM is issued because of absence confirming documents to the passenger right for air transportation by special conditions and/or because of the involuntary exchange/refund.

The confirming accompanying documentation according to ADM.


In order to avoid ADM for unauthorized involuntary refund agent should to request refund via Refund Application in BSPLink system with all referring documents and accompanying documentation copies.

4. Contacts details

Specified in BSPLink in chapter ADDRESS MAINTENANCE/Query Address.

5. Language in use

ADM is formed in English.

* Russian may be used for BSP RU and BSP UA.

6. Reasons of issue of ADM and applied penalties  


Reasons of issue ADM (violations)



Unregistered tickets (any transaction: sale, exchange, refund, etc.)

In damage amount


Fees and charges debts

In damage amount


Fare debt/Violations in Carrier's fare rules application

In damage amount


Absence of the documents confirming the right of the passenger for air transportation on special conditions

In damage amount


Discrepancy of a class in the air ticket and in the booking

In damage amount


Exchange/refund of the ticket on which these operations and/or absence of the documents confirming the involuntary exchange/ refund are forbidden

In damage amount


Tickets refund. Violations in fare’s refund rules of partially used or unused ticket.

In damage amount



Penalties. Tickets reissue without application of the fare’s penalty or incorrect upgrade to higher fare.

The sum of the penalty corresponding to fare’s rules or upgrade (recalculation to higher fare)


Discounts. The wrong application of the specific fares (a fare with any discount, including age, corporate, confidential, seaman, tour operators and others), namely: application of discounts without proper grounds.

Difference between published and applied fare in the same class of booking. If the specific fare has no the published fare which is directly corresponds to it in the same class of booking - a difference between the next Carrier’s highest fare in the corresponding service class and the applied fare.


Tickets issuance. The wrong registration of a mask with  application of the specific fare (a fare with any discount, including age, corporate, confidential, seaman, tour operator’s and others), namely technical mistakes:

- incorrect tour code in the ticket or its absence.

- entering of the incorrect discount.

- absence of the correct suffix in fare basis and/or absence of the date of birth (INF, CH, ZZ, CD).

- incorrect application of “IT” fare instead of entering the corresponding fare’s sum.

10 USD for incorrectly issued ticket.


Incorrectly specified sum of the commission.

Tickets issuance with incorrect commission which does not correspond to the existing Agency Agreement or annexes to the Agreement.

In damage amount



Involuntary reissue. In case of involuntary reissue - absence of notes "INVOL" in the ticket (in the field ‘endorsement’).

10 USD


Manipulations with fares. Violation of the sequence of ticket’s coupons and issuance of additional coupons with the purpose to decrease ticket’s price.

Difference between the corresponding published fare for an actual route and the applied fare


Repeated rebooking. Implementation of repeated booking for one passenger within one or more file of booking (PNR) after the third booking and annulment.

6 USD for each segment after third and subsequent repeated booking. PNR with issued ticket is also counted


Test booking. Making of test bookings on fictive names for fare’s calculation, check of services, for the purpose of training and so forth.

10 USD for each segment


Unproductive segments. Untimely (less than in 24 hours prior to a departure) annulment of segments in the booking with the HX, UN, UC, NO, SC, TK, US, PN, WK codes in case of schedule’s changes or another reason of changed status by the Carrier.

10 USD for each segment


Refund/annulment of the ticket without cancellation of the seats.

30 USD for each segment


Inactive segments. Use of passive segments or segments with any status except HK for ticket’s issue or reissue in case of seat’s absence in GDS.

50 USD for each segment


Fictitious ticket numbers. Use of fictitious ticket numbers in booking - nonexistent or such which were issued for other passengers earlier.

100 USD


Contacts. Absence of the direct contact information about the passenger (the e-mail address and number of the mobile phone) in PNR that impedes to Carrier to contact with the passenger at any time. Contact information must be entered in the PNR using the field SSR.

20 USD


ADM of other carriers. In case ticket was issued on the stock 7W 461 but using other carrier's flights and fares.

Rebilling ADM received by 7W from other carriers for violation of their rules.

The corresponding ADM sum of other carriers, including Administrative fee of other carriers.



Incorrect use of the published fares. Sale’s offer of air transportation where the cost is lower than the sum of the published fares and charges without preliminary coordination with the Carrier.

Difference between the corresponding published fare and the highest published fare in the corresponding service class. In case of violations in the highest expensive economy service class - difference between premium-economy and economy service class.


Application of the incorrect exchange rate in the ticket.

In damage amount


Keeping of seats in GDS within one (1) or more hours without making of booking.

Fare’s sum of corresponding class on which there was "a freezing of seats". The penalty is withheld for each case (seat)


Rebooking of flight segments in a reservation without ticket’s reissue.

20 USD for each segment


Entering incorrect changes to the ticket.

In damage amount


The air ticket was issued with violation of the minimum connection time.

Amount of damage, including Carrier's costs on accommodation and transportation of passengers


Dual use of the flight coupon (exchange / refund)

1. If the flight coupon was used – a penalty for an amount of damage

 2. If the flight coupon was not used – 5 USD


Tickets issuance of the with violation of IATA Ticketing Handbook


1. If the flight coupon was used – a penalty for an amount of damage

 2. If the flight coupon was not used – 5 USD


The air ticket was issued with violation interline agreement of the Carrier

In damage amount


Baggage allowance rules. Baggage allowance (more, less, absent) was specified incorrectly in issued and (or) reissued ticket.

50 USD for each segment with incorrect baggage allowance in the ticket.


Other violations which caused damage of the Carrier

In damage amount


Absence/Belated providing of information on the following changes concerning the Agent: the address, information concerning bank, system of the taxation

20 USD for each case


Issuance of duplicated tickets in one booking for one passenger

10 USD  for each case (in each ticket)


Absence/incorrect input of information without use of automatic calculation which did not cause Carrier's damage: incorrect indication of the fare/ currency, unfilled  lines/incorrect filled lines of fare calculation, incorrect information about flight coupons with status exchanged/refunded etc.

10 USD for each case (in each ticket)


Not authorized change of passenger’s surname in booking

15 USD for each case (in each passenger in reservation)


Tickets issuance without preliminary booking / Issuance without the confirmed status of booking in a reservation

100 USD for each case (in each passenger in reservation) and sum of damages incurred by the Carrier


Non-compliance with conditions "Procedures of entering information on the passport, visa and address of the passenger into reservation (DOCS, DOCO, DOCA). The rule concerns international transportation, this rule does not extend on transportation in Ukraine.

20 USD for each case (for each ticket) and sum of damages incurred by the Carrier


Reinstatement of booking or flight segment after their annulment by the Carrier

10 USD for each case


Registration of air transportation without the confirmed service demanding obligatory request on registration and confirmation from the Airline’s side which provides this service (UNMR, AVIH, EXST, CBBG, EXBG, BIKE, PETC, etc.)

50 USD for each case and sum of damages incurred by the Carrier