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The delicious ONBOARD MENU is available on all flights performed on A-320/A-321 aircrafts. You can buy it directly during the flight.

The ONBOARD  MENU named "Try a trip to taste" was the result of the joint desire of the catering company DO & CO and WINDROSE airlines to create a unique product that makes the holiday banquet while traveling aboard.

By preparing balanced rations for you with absolutely useful ingredients, we first of all take care of your health. Try it: refined cheese breakfast, grainy cruasan with salty salmon, genuine American hamburger, gourmet dinners, children's lunch and a fitness lunch for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

You will definitely fall in love with a delicious green lunch and an extravagant eastern tortillas that are created with the care of your vegetarian choice.

We draw your attention to the availability of comprehensive menus and combo offers, which will greatly save your money 👛, and a wide range of drinks, brewed coffee and snacks.

The full version of the menu by link: HERE

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