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We invite you to sunny Antalya 30 january 2018, 00:00

We invite you to sunny Antalya

Rest in Turkey is not only lazy lying near the swimming pool, water slides, tireless food into oblivion and sluggish walks along the sea in the evenings. There is another Turkey. Uncanny and vibrant, full of legends, dizzying landscapes and fantastic discoveries.

Yanartash mountain is well worth a visit with its mystical flashings "Chimeras’ lights". If you decide to ascend this mountain in the dark time, you will see an amazing spectacle - a mysterious ritual dance of lights that tear out of the darkness twisted trunks of pines and ruins of old buildings. People say that at some moment they lose their connection with reality - the "Chimeras' lights" look so unusual on the background of the night sky.

And when, due to your perseverance, you will find yourself in the ancient Olympos at the foot of Tahtaly mountain, then you immerse yourself in the trance under the influence of ancient stories and legends surrounded by lush vegetation, water and buildings that are connected by fragile bridges and passages. At the end, the city will open its embrace and spit you, muzzy, on the magnificent sandy beach. And there you just have to rent a canoe and put to the sea to the nearest island along the coastal grottoes.

If you don’t enjoy the amazing waterfalls of Kurshunlu, Duden and Manavgat, it will be the “crime”.

And do not forget to stay overnight in Chirali paradise. Where else may you dream under the starry sky and drink nice Turkish coffee?

Compulsory program should include visit to the rich Phaselis port city. The ruins, that have survived to this day, belong to the Byzantine and Roman periods. And you can see them on the main street, which connects the northern and southern harbor. You will see magnificent landscape from the hill of the amphitheater.

And the main thing. In order to implement this successfully in reality, you should think about a flight in advance and buy an air ticket to Antalya by price of an early reservation of 240 USD.

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