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We invite to Bucharest. 16 september 2017, 00:00

We invite to Bucharest.

Since October, 6 WINDROSE airlines starts regular flights to the capital of Romania - Bucharest

Flights will be operated on Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun once a day.

Departure from Boryspil airport is at 14:40 local time, arrival to Bucharest is at 16:20.

In the opposite direction departure from Bucharest is at 17:00, with landing at Boryspil airport at 18:40.

Bucharest has everything you need for a good rest: beautiful parks and gardens, colorful shopping malls and authentic markets, modern cinemas and nightclubs, as well as a host of attractive restaurants and cafes.

So, to your attention 10 things you should definitely do in Bucharest:

  • See the world's largest Parliament building.
  • Visit the wonderful paradise gardens of Chishigizu in the heart of Bucharest. Today it is almost impossible to believe that once there was an infinite viscous swamp at this place. The swampy area has turned into a magnificent garden with fountains,  flower beds and well-groomed paths.
  • Visit on the holiday of stewed golubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls) and mamalyga (hominy).
  •  Transfer to the Garden of Eden Eden Garden, which is securely hidden in the backyard of the old Palace of Styrbey. The idea of this place is that a person from a noisy avenue turns out in the green jungle in the heart of the city in one moment.
  • Listen to the music in The OAR Garden, where you can be secluded with the sounds of acoustic guitar or jazz.
  • Try the traditional fast food of Romania - covrigi and gogosi, which is very similar to large pretzels and donuts, respectively. You can taste them at every step in the small bakeries Covrigarie, Gogoserie and Patiserie. In the last pies and strudels are baked.
  • Visit the "Muzeul Satului" - an open-air museum, located completely in the opposite side of the city, on the shores of Lake Herestra.
  • Have a cup of tea in Verona Garden, The place for relaxed meetings or open air concerts.
  • Immerse yourself in the wonder of the Cărtureşti Carusel book store, which is considered one of the most amazing in the world. Thanks to the minimalist design and ceiling light it seems that you are riding a carousel when you are inside the building.
  • For those who do not imagine a rest without shopping you must visit the shopping center Bucharest Mall. Hundreds of boutiques and pavilions offer visitors a wide variety of items, from fashionable clothes and stylish accessories to home appliances and children's toys.

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