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Ukrainian airline company WINDROSE was again included into three most punctual airlines of Domodedovo airport
16 december 2009, 16:45

According to the latest results of «the Most punctual airlines» competition held by "Domodedovo" International airport since January, 2006, WINDROSE has taken the third place on a regularity of the passenger flights performance.

WINDROSE has launched Kiev-Kutaisi flight
01 december 2009, 15:11

WINDROSE Airlines has opened the new regular flight to Georgia on Kiev - Kutaisi route. Since December, 22nd the flight will be carried out by the modern comfortable plane Embraer-195 weekly on Tuesdays.

WINDROSE launched the flight magazine
20 november 2009, 17:49

WINDROSE has announced the launch of the new project –new flight magazine «YourWind» which can be found in the chairs of the company’s liners. All the necessary information for passengers is published there: rules, news, plans, concepts oа further development etc. The magazine will help passengers find lots of useful information and enjoy the flight.

WINDROSE: 1 year in Domodedovo
06 november 2009, 09:14

On November, 3rd, 2009 it has been a year since the start of WINDROSE regular passenger flights from Moscow international airport Domodedovo.

Andre Tan will dress up WINDROSE staff
02 november 2009, 14:28

A well-known Ukrainian designer Andre Tan is developing the corporate uniform collection for WINDROSE stewards and land service employees. The next summer season, stewardesses will appear before passengers in fashionable, stylish and exclusive clothes from Andre Tan. This was declared during the joint press conference of Andre Tan and WINDROSE on Ukrainian Fashion Week.

WINDROSE and “Uzbekistan Airways” have signed the Interline agreement
20 october 2009, 14:28

On October 8th the Interline agreement between WINDROSE and “Uzbekistan Airways” has taken effect. Due to the agreement the both airlines have got the rights to process tickets for the partner’s flights.

From Kyiv to Kaliningrad with Windrose
11 october 2009, 21:19

WINDROSE airlines company has opened the new Kyiv-Kaliningrad-Kyiv flight. Starting from October 9th, the flight is executed on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays on the modern jet aircraft Embraer-195.

WINDROSE and Hahn Air Lines signed Interline agreement
29 september 2009, 15:15

Ukrainian air carrier WINDROSE Aviation and German carrier Hahn Air Lines have signed Interline agreement, which came into force on September 25, 2009.

WINDROSE fares will satisfy any passenger
25 september 2009, 13:42

WINDROSE introduces privileged fares for pensioners – males after 60, females after 55. Ticket prices for this category of passengers was reduced for 10%. Privileged fares are available on destinations from Kiev to Moscow and Kaliningrad.

USD129 for round trip to Moscow
17 september 2009, 13:11

WINDROSE Aviation offers special prices on Kiev – Moscow flights for those passengers, who plan their trip in advance. Starting from September 17, 2009 passengers will have an opportunity to travel from Kiev to Moscow and back for USD129 only, including airport taxes.

WINDROSE will provide round-trip tickets from Kiev to Kaliningrad for USD 151
14 september 2009, 10:47

WINDROSE introduces special fares for its new regular flight Kiev-Kaliningrad-Kiev. Air carrier offers passengers to buy round-trip tickets for USD151 only, including airport taxes. At that tickets have to be purchased two weeks in advance.

WINDROSE starts the new flight Kiev-Kaliningrad
09 september 2009, 15:32

WINDROSE introduces its new regular flight Kiev-Kaliningrad on October 9, 2009. The flight will be operated three times a week by Embraer-195 aircraft.

Windrose keeps to conquer peaks
03 september 2009, 17:51

The team of mountaineers headed by Mr. Gleb Dolzhikov, WINDROSE Reservation Control Manager, performed the second expedition to one of the most beautiful and hardly-reached places in the world.

WINDROSE Superior prices on Thursdays: to Moscow for USD 99
02 september 2009, 10:10

On September 03, 2009 WINDROSE starts the action “Superior prices on Thursdays”. Each week on Thursday the airline will offer tickets for its regular flights by the most advantageous prices.

WINDROSE launches bus destination from Ivano-Frankovsk to L’viv
28 august 2009, 10:55

WINDROSE enhances its presence at Western Ukraine and launches bus service between airports of L’viv and Ivano-Frankovsk starting from September 07, 2009. The new destination is connected with the flight L’viv – Moscow, operated by WINDROSE since June 2009.

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