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Free luggage transportation

For all flights performed by the airline, the following basic rules baggage transportation are applied:


Class of passenger service

 Total free rate (weight) *
 Economy class 23 kg (maximum sum of three measurements*** 158 cm)// 5 kg (55х40х20 cm) carry-on baggage
 Premium class:

 Charter flights
23 kg (maximum sum of three measurements*** 158 cm)// 5 kg (55х40х20 cm) carry-on baggage
 Scheduled flights
30 kg (maximum sum of three measurements*** 158 cm)// 5 kg (55х40х20 cm) carry-on baggage
 Infant / newborn** 10 кг (maximum sum of three measurements*** 158 cm)// small stroller / cradle
Еxtra baggage

When paying at the airport:


waight from 23 to 32 kg and/or sum of three measurements*** from 158 cm to 200cm
(50x50x100 cm)

3 c.u. per 1 kg of baggage in domestic flights

10 c.u. per 1 kg of baggage in international flights; 

 from 32 kg / from 200 cm *** -

transportation as a cargo;

When prepaid (not less than 12 hours before departure) via on-line support chat

  • for exceeding 10 kg - 20 c.u.*
  • for exceeding from 11 to 15 kg - 30 c.u.*
  • for exceeding from 16 to 23 kg - 40 c.u.*

FormMore details please contact the Contact Center +38 (044) 498 77 77

*the calculation is made in UAH at the rate on the day of payment.

* - per 1 passenger, it is allowed to combine luggage with two passengers traveling, but one place of baggage should not exceed 23kg
** - Age limits: from 0 to 2 years
*** - length х width х height

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Special luggage

Please note: Required booking in advance!

Sport equipment

Golf equipment kit - 50 у.о.

Bicykle - 70 у.о.

Sport equipment kit(all kinds of boards / sport boards, windserfing equipment, hang gliders, canoe, hockey clubs, athletics, fishing gear, exercise boards, scuba diving equipment with oxygen cylinder, fins, water skiing, bowling equipment, skiing / snowboarding equipment) - 70 c.u.

ONE KIT of ski / snowboard equipment, weight less than 23 kg in Ukraine-Finland-Ukraine route - free (except infants before 2 years old). One kit contains: 1 snowboard, 1 helmet, 1 pair of snowboard boots
or 1 pair of skies, 1 pair of ski sticks, 1 helmet, 1 pair of ski boots.

Musical Instruments

in a hard case weighing more than 5 kg and/or sum of measurements*** more than 115 cm - the cost of an additional ticket (separate seat) in the flight. EXCLUSION - synthesizers are accepted for carriage in А-320/А-321/А-330 planes as a carry-on baggage - 10 c.u. per 1 kg
Car tyres
Transportation costs are not included in free baggage registered. In all flights - 10 c.u./kg
Weapons and ammunition including sporting and hunting weapons - in all flights - 50 c.u.

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Carry-on luggage

  • As a carry-on luggage is allowed luggage which weight and dimentions accepted by airline, - weight must not exceed 5 kg, the maximum dimensions of hand luggage are 55x40x20 cm and that allow it to be safely placed in the cabin of the aircraft on luggage racks or under the seat of the armchair.
    The placement of carry-on luggage and the permitted carriage of goods in all passages of the cabin is prohibited.
  • In hand luggage it is allowed to carry liquids, suspensions, creams, paste capacity of not more than 100 ml (grams) in one vial (tube). The total volume of these substances in hand luggage, packed in containers of up to 100 ml (grams), must not exceed 1 liters (kg) per passenger.
  • Things that do not meet the requirements of the size and weight of carry-on luggage or which are not allowed to be carried in the passenger cabin are considered and processed as registered luggage.
  • Passengers are responsible for their carry-on luggage during the entire flight.

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Dangerous items and substances

Hand luggage should not contain spiky and cutting items: knives, scissors, needles, knitting needles and other sharp and cutting items. It is also prohibited to bring any liquid, suspension, creams, paste in a capacity of more than 100 ml (grams) into one vial (tube) to the aircraft in hand luggage. The total volume of these substances in hand luggage, packed in containers of up to 100 ml (grams), shall not exceed 1 liters (kg) per passenger. Items and substances prohibited for carriage in the passenger compartment but permitted for carriage in luggage , are determined by the aviation rules of Ukraine.

voskl_znakFor the purpose of ensuring the safety of flights, the following items are prohibited for carriage in carry-on luggage and luggage:

gun_expl flam_gas flam_liquid flam_solid oxi_agent toxic radioactive corrosive magnet

  • Explosives and Weapons
  • Flammable, liquefied and compressed gases
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids
  • Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides
  • Toxic, poisonous substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Acid, corrosive materials
  • Magnetized materials

voskl_znakItems are prohibited for carriage in hand luggage in order to ensure flight safety:

r1 r2_01 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8 r9

  • real, fake or toy guns
  • sharp items, spiky and cutting items, for instance: knives, scissors, razors
  • injection needles (allowed in the presence of medical instruments confirming the need for their use)
  • baseball bats, clubs, maces, bats and sticks
  • any liquids, suspensions, creams, pastes with a capacity of more than 100 ml (grams) in one vial (tube)

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Loss or damage of luggage

Відділ розшуку багажу
Телефон:    +38 (067) 408-37-51

In case of loss of attributes or loss / damage to your luggage you will need:

  • Contact Lost and Found, which is located in the baggage area and operates around the clock, or the air line's represetation at the airport. By providing a pick-up ticket of the baggage identification plate (issued at check-in), the passenger registers a statement (PIR), which must contain a detailed description of the incident (nature of the damage / appearance / description of missing baggage items, etc.), flight number / date, detailed address and contact information.
  • Write an request with all of the above details on the airline's contact email to speed up the luggage search process. Thus, within 1-2 days, the passenger must be informed about the location / condition of the wanted luggage.
  • In case of finding the luggage special service of the airline in the shortest possible time arrange its delivery to the owner, having previously contacted him (therefore it is very important to indicate the detailed address and contact details of the passenger).
  • According to the rules of air transportation, the maximum term for the search of baggage is 21 days from the date of the application. In case the luggage was not found, the passenger may register a claim for material compensation in the amount corresponding to the value of the lost luggage / damage, providing the luggage tag and the original of Luggage Damage / Loss Act (PIR). This claim is considered by the airline, satisfies or substantially deviates within three months from the date of its receipt.

Lost or damage of carry-on luggage onboard:

In accordance with the "Rules for the Carriage of Passengers and Baggage", the responsibility for the carry-on luggage, as well as any of its parts, is relied on the passenger during the entire flight. In the event of such an incident, the passenger must immediately contact the Lost and Found airport's Luggage Department to make a statement to the police, which the airline representatives must assist.

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