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Please, give it up! A new WINDROSE airlines preorder menu concept! 12 june 2017, 00:00

Please, give it up! A new  WINDROSE airlines preorder menu concept!

We leave behind outdated division system into classes in an effort to create the most convenient and easy product and offer you a new menu, namely:


First of all, we made it more universal and affordable, provided a wide variety of different dishes and  offered passengers the opportunity to combine them to their own taste.

SKY CHIEF MENU  proposes:

Sweet pancakes - crepes; Duck breast with polenta; Grilled  сhicken fillet with a mushroom risotto; Beef steak with young potatoes; Medallions of pork with vegetables; Sweet pancakes; Scrambled omelet; Dorado with potatoes in turmeric; Salmon grilled with mashed potatoes and celery, etc. Rations are served on porcelain dishes with a quiet or sparkling wine complement.


Fritata with spinach and delicious cottage cheese casserole for breakfast; Beef stewed in wine with couscous; Сhicken brizello with pasta; Boeuf Stroganoff with rice; Chachochbili; Burger with pasta; Fish barbecue with potatoes; Turkey steak in tandem with broccoli puree and etc. Rations are served in environmentally friendly boxes.


Cherry cheesecake; "Danube waves" dessert; Vanilla sauce strudel and Cherry crumble dessert. As an alternative to cakes, passengers can choose: Panna cotta with raspberry sauce, as well as White chocolate panna cotta; Tiramisu, macaroons and so on.

If you would like to create a menu by yourself – for your choice offered 7 types of cold starters, 4 kinds of salads and 8 kinds of desserts.

Also we would like to remind you about seasonal PROMOTION. If you`ll pre-order a basic meal (cold snacks or sandwiches) - you`ll get a complimentary dessert or wine!

The onboard menu is a critical component of our service. Therefore, we pay special attention to the quality and assortment of  meals, involving to creation the best professionals of their business - the DO & CO Austrian catering company.

Buy online and enjoy delicious meals on board! It's affordable and easy!


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