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Press release 09 june 2017, 00:00

Press release

Press Release

Regarding the flight WINDROSE 7W7014 (Antalya - Kiev), departed at 8 of June (19:50 local time).

During the flight 7W7014 there was a false alarm triggering, caused by of the smoke sensor of the luggage compartment.
Since WINDROSE's main priority is the safety of passengers, the board was returned to the airport of departure.
Upon technical verification , the above sensor deemed faulty and no fire or smoke was detected in luggage compartment.

In accordance with current flights regulations, aircraft was allowed to take off, with the condition, that luggage will be delivered by other boards.
Due to the fact, that some of passengers refused to board and continue flight 7W7014, WINDROSE  arranged departure of passengers for the following flights:
∙ Flight 7W7014 (SX-BHT): departed at 2:29, landed at 4:27, 65 passengers traveled (luggage delivered 3 hours later). For the passenger who did not receive the luggage personally, luggage delivery 'to the door' was arranged by WINDROSE;
∙ Flight 7W7916 (UR-WRJ): departure at 05:48, landing at 07:50, 133 passengers traveled;
∙ Flight 7W7614 (SX-ABQ): departure at 07:45, landing at 09:50, 14 passengers traveled.
WINDROSE apologizes for the inconvenience caused solely by the need to comply with flight safety measures.

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