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Сhange of departure airport.
13 march 2017, 00:00

According to official information, the International Airport "Zaporizhya" will be closed for the period from March 26 (08:00 local time) to 27 April (2:59 local time). All flights are transferred to the Kharkov airport.

Complimentary dessert or wine!
10 march 2017, 00:00

ATT! The validity period of pre-ordering meal special promo extended till October 28.

If you`ll pre-order a basic meal (cold snacks or sandwiches) - you`ll get a complimentary dessert or wine!

More details on Ref: Special promo. Complimentary dessert or wine!

Take advantage of the new promo via online service "Additional services".

We invite you to spend a magical week in Burgas by special price of 165 CU
23 february 2017, 00:00

Price is valid only for the flight from June 2 to June 9. Buy online.

Summer starts...right now
26 january 2017, 00:00

Windrose opens the possibility of tickets online booking to Heraklion / Greece.

Earlier reservations towards Pula / Croatia available online!
26 january 2017, 00:00

Location: an oasis on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, near the azure Adriatic Sea.

Antalya / Turkey flights are opened for early booking!
26 january 2017, 00:00

Location: the southern coast of Turkey, where summer never stops.

Larnaca / Cyprus flights are opened for online booking by special fare "early booking"!
19 january 2017, 00:00

Location: resort town located at the south-eastern coast of Cyprus.

Online booking of Tivat / Montenegro tickets is opened by special fare "early booking"!
19 january 2017, 00:00

Locations: Boca Bay coast of Kotor Adriatic Sea

Attention! Change of departure airport.
19 january 2017, 00:00

Starting from March 4, 2017 and in future flights to Brescia will be operated on route LVIV - BRESCIA - LVIV.

Online booking of Barcelona / Spain tickets is opened!
12 october 2016, 00:00

Location: Spanish city, capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia and the province of the same name. The largest industrial and commercial center of Spain, Mediterranean port. 

Dear passengers,
04 october 2016, 00:00

Please pay attention that due to the closure of Antalya Airport Terminal 2 for international flights starting from 20/10/16 00:01 local time all international flights will be operated at Terminal 1.

Spread of false information about hiding of cabin crew diseases fact.
23 september 2016, 00:00

Lately, the fake information about Windrose airlines cabin crew disease spreads via Internet. With reference that the company didn`t report on this fact to the relevant authorities. And doesn`t follow applicable law  in labor relations with employees.

This information has not any documentary provement and  intended to form negative public reaction

Restrictions on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 transportation
15 september 2016, 00:00

Due to recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are forbidden to turn on, use, and / or connect to mobile chargers on all flights of our airlines.

Transportation of this device inside the checked baggage or as cargo also prohibited.

Flight to Salzburg in January 2017
07 september 2016, 00:00

You can purchase tickets to Salzburg in the New Year period 2017 right now.
Available online flight:
Departures: 02/01/17
Return: 09/01/17
Maximum stay - 7days. Price 490 USD.

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